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After over 25 years in the infrastructure, networks, and security fields (amongst many others), I certainly know my way around. I’ve chosen to write about my experience in these arenas in the hope that it will encourage those looking to gain entry into these fields to step forward and ask for advice. I’ve spent years mentoring teams and individuals alike in the technology field, and in doing so, formed alliances and forged some excellent relationships along the way.

I started my career in Information Technology at the bottom and worked my way up from there. It’s not been an easy ride, but I’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge over this time, and it really should be tapped. Now that I have reached a pinnacle in my career, I decided give something back – to be a mentor in order to help others. I began by starting work on this site which will eventually become a knowledge hub that documents this experience – both in the form of knowledge, and real life situations (and how I dealt with them). No big secrets or mentions of business entities, but an honest glimpse into Infrastructure, networks, and security from a very seasoned veteran.
If there’s one thing I have learned over the course of my career, it’s that Information Technology and it’s associated counterparts take a lifetime to learn and master. Sure, you become very proficient at numerous functions, and become a fountain of knowledge in the process, but the operational and security facets of Information Technology are vast – a void that is almost like an open road with no ending. The point I want to make here is that if nobody is willing to give you the necessary training, focus, and encouragement you need to succeed in these fields, the road ahead is inevitably filled with obstacles that are not easily to navigate or in most instances, avoid. In a similar fashion, a lack of experience in these arenas or the associated issues you will face with new deployments and mature infrastructure alike can also serve as a bar to following your dream career.

When it comes to the people I’ve mentored over the years, one phrase always rings true:

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.Benjamin Franklin
That is the point of this site. Educate and mentor new and mature students alike, and at the same time, share some great insights. There’ll be plenty to get you started on your journey, and the community is active if you need to ask questions.
A much longer introduction on the foundations of PHENOMLAB and how my career got started can be found here for those interested
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Mark Cutting

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Mark Cutting is the founder of PHENOMLAB and is a network, security and infrastructure expert. Having worked in a wide range of industries including Trading, Finance, Fund Management, Marketing, Manufacturing and Distribution, he has an extensive amount of experience in a wide range of infrastructure and security arenas. With a significant eye for detail and extensive skill set acquired during his 25+ years career in Information Technology, Mark decided to use this experience to help and mentor others looking to gain access to the industry sector, and created PHENOMLAB in January 2017. Mark is available for Pro Bono consulting, mentoring, and a wealth of other information.