Moving to the cloud ? Be sure you’re compliant

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Businesses small, medium and large have all at some point considered the possibility and eligibility of moving to either a hybrid or full Cloud model. Adopting this approach has obvious business benefits – not only around cost, but also the greater flexibility in terms of data and application and information accessibility. A cloud business strategy and model allows you to …


Understanding the risk of legacy assets on your network

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If there’s one thing that exposes devices and other assets significantly to increased vulnerability, it’s stretching their lifetime way beyond that was originally intended in their original development and subsequent release. Like humans, these assets are not designed to go on forever – similarly, gone are the days when you could buy a domestic appliance, and have it last 20 years. The manufacture process …


The foundation that creates a stable and secure network

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At the heart of today’s communications is the network. Ranging from simplistic to complex, each of these frameworks plays a pivotal role in joining disparate nodes together. But what happens when a design or security flaw impacts the speed, functionality, and overall security of your network ? What factors create a network ? A network is a collection of components …


Driving down the cost of Information Technology

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One of the most important aspects of managing an IT function from the business perspective is budget adherence and cost control. In today’s competitive markets and industry sectors, it is considered acceptable and also good practice for IT department heads to review spend periodically. Cost that is higher than it should be needs to be investigated thoroughly to ensure that the business is …