Moving to the cloud ? Be sure you’re compliant

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Businesses small, medium and large have all at some point considered the possibility and eligibility of moving to either a hybrid or full Cloud model. Adopting this approach has obvious business benefits – not only around cost, but also the greater flexibility in terms of data and application and information accessibility. A cloud business strategy and model allows you to …


Increase efficiency and response using consolidation

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Is it possible to use several information sources all at once from the one central location ? Information these days is usually widely available, but typically all over the place with most IT staff relying on bookmarks and hundreds of username and password combinations to gain access to data. How much time and effort does your department waste on a …


Factoring contingency into your migrations

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One of the most important safety nets in IT Operations is contingency. Every migration needs a rollback plan in the event that things don’t quite go the way you’d expect, and with a limited timeline to implement a change, or in some cases, a complete migration, the rollback process is one that is an essential component. Without a plan to …


The foundation that creates a stable and secure network

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At the heart of today’s communications is the network. Ranging from simplistic to complex, each of these frameworks plays a pivotal role in joining disparate nodes together. But what happens when a design or security flaw impacts the speed, functionality, and overall security of your network ? What factors create a network ? A network is a collection of components …


Strategy and security – the essential balance often overlooked

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Strategy planning is an essential process in order to determine when to propose and implement new technology so that it aligns with the business requirement and user needs. New technology appears on a daily basis, and with applications designed to tame the most mundane tasks and simplify them, part of the strategy proposition typically includes a means of streamlining and improving …