How to use a history paradigm to explain security

Mark Cutting Governance, Management, Planning, Security, Strategy 4 Comments

For centuries, security has always had a part to play in protecting our well being and associated environments. But how could we best explain it’s benefits and make technology digestible using history ? One of the important key skills any IT Manager needs to master is the ability to explain technology to senior management. In this article, I’ll try (hopefully not …


Patching process analytics – what works, what doesn’t, and what to avoid

Mark Cutting Management, Patching, Strategy 4 Comments

How does your organisation handle patching from a security and functionality standpoint ? There are differing views around how this should work dependant on numerous factors, but the two most common by far are access to the latest features from the functionality perspective, and attitude to risk from the security angle. So which of these routes is the right direction …