Lifeline or lacklustre – What does it take to be a leader ?

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What exactly is involved in being a leader ? What qualities do you need to possess in order to provide mentoring and make the whole experience a valid one for the recipient ? This is an interesting debate and often the fuel for intense discussion around how this exercise should be conducted, and what is often (unfortunately) the real world …


Be a leader, but also be part of the team

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Over time, in fact, for most of my career, I’ve placed myself in the firing line in terms of infrastructure design and support. Whilst this works very well from a career and job security perspective, it is also the origin of important factors that are the key to success or failure in running a department, the formation of an effective …


Avoid the “bulldozer to find a china cup” scenario

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Once in every while, you encounter a repetitive issue that no matter what you try to do to resolve it, the problem manifests itself over and over again – sometimes, even on a daily basis. Much of how the issue is remediated really depends on the person assigned to the task. You might be puzzled at why I’d write about …