Leveraging propaganda as Social Engineering

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Editorial preface The below article was written by Mark Honeycutt, and is the first in a series of what already promises to be an excellent read. Mark is the owner of Shark Cybersecurity and is a Social Engineering expert who specialises in Social Engineering penetration testing engagements which are followed up with employee training.  He has a Master’s Degree in …


Be a leader, but also be part of the team

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Over time, in fact, for most of my career, I’ve placed myself in the firing line in terms of infrastructure design and support. Whilst this works very well from a career and job security perspective, it is also the origin of important factors that are the key to success or failure in running a department, the formation of an effective …


Avoid the “bulldozer to find a china cup” scenario

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Once in every while, you encounter a repetitive issue that no matter what you try to do to resolve it, the problem manifests itself over and over again – sometimes, even on a daily basis. Much of how the issue is remediated really depends on the person assigned to the task. You might be puzzled at why I’d write about …


How to use a history paradigm to explain security

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For centuries, security has always had a part to play in protecting our well being and associated environments. But how could we best explain it’s benefits and make technology digestible using history ? One of the important key skills any IT Manager needs to master is the ability to explain technology to senior management. In this article, I’ll try (hopefully not …


The foundation that creates a stable and secure network

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At the heart of today’s communications is the network. Ranging from simplistic to complex, each of these frameworks plays a pivotal role in joining disparate nodes together. But what happens when a design or security flaw impacts the speed, functionality, and overall security of your network ? What factors create a network ? A network is a collection of components …


Getting a grip on licensing within your organisation

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One of the most challenging aspects of IT Operations is licensing. Whilst this subject sounds familiar to anyone within the technology industry, it is rarely understood properly – more importantly, the task of keeping costs low yet remaining compliant from the legal perspective is not a simple one. Before you begin reviewing the subject of licensing, it is vital to …


Patching process analytics – what works, what doesn’t, and what to avoid

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How does your organisation handle patching from a security and functionality standpoint ? There are differing views around how this should work dependant on numerous factors, but the two most common by far are access to the latest features from the functionality perspective, and attitude to risk from the security angle. So which of these routes is the right direction …