Acceptable Usage

A short guide as to what’s acceptable and what isn’t here

In an effort to keep policies simple, there isn’t a great deal to this. However, please read and understand the below.

  • All communication on this site should reflect that of a business nature – acceptable etiquette is expected at all times.
  • Do not type your entire message in uppercase text. It’s considered shouting – of course, you can place emphasis on a particular word, but not all of it
  • Abusive behaviour and strong language are not tolerated at any level.
  • Treat people on this site with the same level of respect you’d like afforded to yourself – this isn’t Facebook
  • Racist, anti-gay, anti-semitic, defamatory, hate speech, or extreme views are not permitted on this site, and will be removed once reported or discovered.
  • The admin of this site regularly reviews sample questions and comments, and will remove any material considered offensive or otherwise unsuitable without prior notice.
  • No selling, endorsements, or advertisements for paid products outside of what is considered acceptable or within scope of an active or inactive discussion – this isn’t eBay.
  • If you make a contribution that is considered as inappropriate to the subject under discussion, your message will be deleted by the administrator without prior warning.
About the founder

Mark Cutting

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Mark Cutting is the founder of PHENOMLAB and is a network, security and infrastructure expert. Having worked in a wide range of industries including Trading, Finance, Fund Management, Marketing, Manufacturing and Distribution, he has an extensive amount of experience in a wide range of infrastructure and security arenas. With a significant eye for detail and extensive skill set acquired during his 25+ years career in Information Technology, Mark decided to use this experience to help and mentor others looking to gain access to the industry sector, and created PHENOMLAB in January 2017. Mark is available for Pro Bono consulting, mentoring, and a wealth of other information.